FCA-18 CWDM Power Meter
FCA-18 CWDM Power Meter is specially designed for CWDM system, covering wavelength from 1270~1610nm.It measures and monitors optical power and attenuation value of 18 channels from wavelength 1270nm to 1610nm wavelength.
All calibrated wavelengths will be tested simultaneously and all test results will show in the LCD screen.
This CWDM power meter features simple operation, quick response and high measurement accuracy which make it an ideal tester in CWDM system installation and maintenance.
1, Simultaneously test and show 18 wavelengths
2, Friendly interface and easy operation
3, Save and upload test results via USB port
4, 1000 records
5, Columnar graphics or list mode to show test data
6, Color TFT-LCD display,high resolution 320*240
7, Built-in clock and can edit test fiber number
8, Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time
9, Light weight
Model FCA-18
Number of Channels 18
Wavelength resolution 20
Dynamic range (dBm) +5~-40
Uncertainty(dB) ±0.5
Resolution(dB) 0.01
Measuring Wavelength (nm) 1270/1290/1310/1330/1350/1370/1390/1410/1430/1450/
Date Storage Capacity 1000
Communication Port USB
Optical interface FC\PC(SC available)
Operating Temperature(℃) -10~+50
Storage Temperature(℃) -25~+70
Time of Auto-off(min) 10
Power supply Rechargeable Battery/AC power adapter
Power adapter(V) DC 12V/2A
Dimension(mm) 220 x 110 x 70
Time of Operating(h) >10
Weight(g) <850
Standard Packages:
CWDM Power Meter, 12V Power Supply Unit, User Manual, Cotton Swabs, Carry Bag, CD, USB

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